Course Details

Wingham Golf Club can take you back to…
“The way the game was meant to be played!”

Join us this summer at Wingham Golf and Curling Club!

The Course

Founded in 1950, The Wingham Golf & Curling Club meanders over a gently rolling landscape that was originally part of a farming community. We offer a nine hole layout to test your golfing skills and four sheets of ice for curlers.


Hole #1 (Par 5)

Blue: 494 yards | White: 485 yards | Red: 479 yards | Gold: 441 yards

Embark on your golfing journey from an elevated tee block, where the world unfolds before you in a breathtaking panorama. The fairway stretches wide, inviting you to unleash the full potential of your drive. As you approach the green, a deep bunker stands sentinel, and the Maitland River on the right adds an element of risk, making your final shot an adventure filled with excitement and challenge.

Hole #2 (Par 3)

Blue: 189 yards | White: 171 yards | Red: 133 yards | Gold: 148 yards

The second hole, a par 3, may be the shortest, but it’s a hidden gem with an air of mystery. The tee shot reveals a narrow path, guarded by a captivating tree line on the left. A misplaced shot, and you find yourself in the perilous embrace of nature. The small green, flanked by two green side bunkers, beckons you to showcase your precision in this captivating, miniature masterpiece.

Hole #3 (Par 4)

Blue: 376 yards | White: 355 yards | Red: 306 yards | Gold: 338 yards

At Hole 3, a daunting hill looms on the horizon, challenging your mettle. A decision awaits you: ascend the hill with a powerful drive, or opt for the strategic play and layup. The green, shielded from view by the undulating landscape, demands a skillful approach. As you stand on the tee, a sense of adventure permeates the air, heightened by the necessity to ring the bell when the coast is clear for your approach.

Hole #4 (Par 5)

Blue: 558 yards | White: 553 yards | Red: 508 yards | Gold: 471 yards

Ascend yet another elevated tee block on Hole 4, where accuracy is paramount. The fairway awaits, framed by nature’s embrace, but stray too far left or right, and the trees will entangle you in their clutches. Only one green side bunker challenges your journey to the green, yet reaching it in two shots is a test of skill and precision.

Hole #5 (Par 3)

Blue: 181 yards | White: 170 yards | Red: 125 yards | Gold: 143 yards

A picturesque par 3 unfolds along the majestic Maitland River on Hole 5. The beauty is complemented by a bald eagle’s nest, a symbol of nature’s grandeur. The hidden green, flanked by two green side bunkers, makes Hole 5 not only a visual spectacle but a challenging adventure requiring finesse and accuracy.

Hole #6 (Par 4)

Blue: 381 yards | White: 381 yards | Red: 336 yards | Gold: 317 yards

Embark on a captivating journey at Hole 6, where a dogleg to the right marks the beginning of a challenging stretch. Long hitters face the tantalizing option of cutting the corner, while others may opt for the safer layup. A bunker on the left and trees surrounding the green add to the allure, turning every approach into a thrilling test of skill and strategy.

Hole #7 (Par 3)

Blue: 208 yards | White: 200 yards | Red: 145 yards | Gold: 174 yards

Hole 7 unfolds as a long and straight par 3, where the green’s large slope and bunkers on both sides beckon you to conquer the challenge with unwavering determination. The adventure lies in mastering the terrain and making your mark on this demanding yet exhilarating hole.

Hole #8 (Par 4)

Blue: 404 yards | White: 395 yards | Red: 345 yards | Gold: 392 yards

Much like its predecessor, Hole 8 demands an accurate tee shot, with perils on both sides. The elevated green poses an additional challenge, as going short risks your ball rolling down the hill. Bunkers on either side make this hole a true test of skill, elevating the experience to the pinnacle of excitement and suspense.

Hole #9 (Par 4)

Blue: 320 yards | White: 313 yards | Red: 300 yards | Gold: 296 yards

 As you approach the final hole, a dogleg to the left presents a strategic conundrum. Long hitters may attempt to cut the corner, venturing close to the green with the risk of tree trouble. Alternatively, a layup to the middle sets the stage for a calculated approach to a green guarded by bunkers on both the front and back. The adventure of decision-making unfolds, bringing your exhilarating round to a close on this captivating course.